Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Non-Fiction — hookah lounge

Yesterday I drove Naresh to Centennial College. He mentioned the name of a restaurant I had heard of, saying he was working there to help pay his way through college. I asked him if that was a breakfast place and he laughed saying, no, no, no, it's a hookah lounge.
I had never heard the term "hookah" before so, because Naresh had a bit of an accent, I presumed he meant "hooker". Here's how the conversation went from there...
ME: Really? That's legal?
NARESH: Ya, sure. Why not?
ME: Well do they need a special licence of some sort? Like it's a private club or something?
NARESH: No, anybody can come in.
ME: Well, except kids.
NARESH: No, kids can come in, they just can't smoke or drink.
ME: Seriously? And this is legal?
(Naresh is looking at me now like I've lost my mind...which I had)
NARESH: Yes, of course. There are lounges all over.
ME: Okay. So how many women are typically there?
NARESH: Not many really. It's mostly men.
ME: So I guess there are private rooms where couples hook up.
NARESH: (laughing) No! Just a lounge with tables and chairs. People just sit around. Smoking and chatting.
ME: This is so bizarre to me. More because I didn't know anything about them. So mostly men at these hooker lounges and all they do is smoke and chat. I don't get.
(Now Naresh is laughing uncontrollably)
NARESH: You think I said "Hooker"!!? No, no, no, "Hookah". It is just a place to smoke using the bongs.
So then I learned what a hookah lounge was, and that they didn't (as far as Naresh knew) have anything to do with hookers.

Nov. 4, 2015

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